We are upgrading! Orders may take up to two weeks to ship. See our FAQs

We are upgrading! Orders may take up to two weeks to ship. See our FAQs

Ancient Sea Salt Crystals (8 oz.)
Ancient Sea Salt Crystals (8 oz.)
Ancient Sea Salt Crystals (8 oz.)

Ancient Sea Salt Crystals (8 oz.)

These crystals rock! Or maybe we should say they are rocks. These natural chunks of rock salt are smaller versions of the large pieces of salt that come from the mine. We remove the Ancient Sea Salt Crystals from the crusher when they are 2 to 4 inches long.  We love looking at the colored minerals mixed in with the sodium chloride salt. Because they are made by mother nature, every piece is unique– you’ll never find two that are exactly the same.

These rocks are versatile! Lick them to replenish electrolytes, use them to make Sole water (scroll down for instructions), share them with friends, or use them to decorate your space with the remnants of an ancient sea. 

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About The Product

Get to know Real Salt

Millions of years before humans began polluting our planet, an ancient ocean covered what is now the Western United States. As the earth shifted and ocean waters retreated beneath the surface, the Real Salt deposit was formed into a massive, underground mountain of crystalized salt protected from erosion by a layer of volcanic ash.
We bring Real Salt to you exactly as nature created it: nothing added, nothing taken away. Real Salt is preferred by chefs for its delicious, subtle flavor and recommended by experts because of the unrefined minerals.

Every bite tastes better

Have you ever wished for a secret ingredient that would make every dish you prepare taste its very best? Compared to typical sea salt, Real Salt has a much smoother flavor profile – a subtle, salty sweetness that naturally enhances the flavor of every bite. Real Salt doesn’t make your food taste like salt, it enhances the flavors you already have.

Recommended by doctors

"For decades we were told by our doctors we should fear salt – and maybe, if your doctor still insists on using processed “sea salt” that is nothing but sodium chloride, we should still be afraid."

- Dr. Ken Berry


Use Real Salt like typical table salt



Customer Reviews

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Debra B
REDMOND SALT : the only salt I will use from now on. I had no idea (salt is not just what is in a...

I had reached my goals with my KETO-CARNIVORE food plan. One thing I stopped was eating bacon for 2 weeks. THIS AFFECTED EVERYTHING. Within a week...I was feeling weak, dizzy. I came to the conclusion my electrolytes were off. I found REDMOND SALT through KETO CARNIVORE channels- on U TUBE. Bacon had been a major source of sodium...keeping my electrolytes "feeling OK".
I called REDMOND SALT & actually spoke to a person ... Upon receiving my order: I started using THE ROCK SALT: on the bag it states" helps with intermittent fasting."
I started licking this AMAZING ROCK OF PURE SALT HARVESTED FROM ANCIENT SEA BEDS IN UTAH. My symptoms of weakness, & other side effects, got better.
KETO-CARNIVORE changes one's metabolism & really should be followed by a Dr. ( I HAVE LEARNED THAT NOW)
I am impressed by the costumer service...in this day & age " press 1 for this & 2 for that" I received a call back !!! from my VM message I left on a Sunday ,the following business day.Impressive...
I am going to purchase other products...REDMOND great company & great customer service. 5 STARS!!!

Thank you for the kind review Debra! We are grateful for you!