Clean Ingredients, Cleaner Teeth

Without fluoride or foaming agents, Earthpaste and Earthpowder have simple, effective recipes that contain everything your mouth needs to feel clean and nothing extra.

Refreshingly Different

“After a long search for effective, natural toothpaste for our families, we decided to make our own. We started with hydrated Redmond Clay and added xylitol, essential oils, Real Salt®, and nano silver until we landed on the perfect Earthpaste recipe.”

Brush Well, Smile Often

Whether you’re watching a funny movie with your kids, sharing a laugh with a friend over a cup of coffee, or interviewing for your dream job, Earthpaste and Earthpowder make you feel good about your smile —and the ingredients you use to care for it.

Look Who Loves earthpaste

What a Company... What a Product!

I am allergic to all artificial sweeteners, and had so much trouble finding a non-fluoride, natural toothpaste. I found it with bells on! My teeth have never felt cleaner and working with this company is a dream. They listen, they respond and are very helpful and knowledgeable…

-H2, Shopify

The best long lasting clean ever.

I am obsessed with this toothpaste. I have tried several flavors and I can't pick a favorite. Lemon and Cinnamon are so good. I generally purchase 4 at a time. I have introduced my friends and family and they too are amazed. Your mouth feels ten times cleaner and they stay smooth and clean for hours. It's the best!!!!

-Lenore, Shopify


I've been a fan of Real Salt since it was first introduced. When I saw the Earth Paste - there was no hesitation, I knew I had to try it. The very first thing I noticed was how fresh my mouth still felt in the morning! Well, I'm on my second tube and not planning to leave a wonderful product. Thank you for ALL your great work and gifts to us of good oral health!

roberta binder, Shopify

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