Simple Adrenal Cocktail

The human body is a complex machine with so many players, teams, processes, and interdependent functions that the past hundred years of amazing scientific discoveries have only scratched the surface. We feel and perform our best when all our body’s specialized parts are getting the support they need.

One important team that often gets overlooked is the adrenal glands; there is one located on top of each kidney. These small, but crucial glands produce hormones—cortisol, epinephrine (also called adrenaline), aldosterone, and others—that help the body manage stress and regulate your immune system, blood pressure, and metabolism.

Show your adrenals some extra love with this tasty and simple recipe containing hydrating electrolytes and lots of vitamin C.


-1/2 cup 100% orange juice (not from concentrate)

-1/2 cup coconut water

-A few shakes of Real Salt (or try one of our Re-Lyte varieties for more electrolytes)


Mix all the ingredients and enjoy!

Feel free to experiment with different Re-Lyte varieties, such as Re-Lyte Immunity which contains B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D that your adrenals will love. Share your favorite recipes in the comments!

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Comments (4)

jay marcus

do you carry a toothpaste whitening agent?

any of your toothpaste products whiten teeth.

Redmond Life replied:
Hi Jay! None of our all-natural toothpastes contain whitening agents. However, bentonite clay is a great natural teeth polisher, and many people say that their teeth feel much cleaner using Earthpaste than regular toothpaste.


Does your nano silver cross the cell membrane. Why is there a cancer warning on the toothpaste.

Thank you. TD
Redmond Life replied:
Hi Terri! Thanks for your question. The warning label on Earthpaste is because there are small naturally occurring traces of lead in the bentonite clay we use in Earthpaste. For more information about this warning, check out this article on our website: You can read more about the nano silver in Earthpaste here:

Sue Whiting

Are you going to be coming back with the single use packets?
Redmond Life replied:
Hey Sue, We will eventually bring back the 30ct stick packs and the Variety Packs, but we will no longer have individual single sticks!


Where do I purchase the hunks of minerals ?
Doug and Stacy were talking about
Redmond Life replied:
Hey Kim! I think you are referring to our Salt Crystals, here is the link to that page: