Redmond Life Growth Update–We’re Living Our Journey!

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Redmond Life Growth Update–We’re Living Our Journey!

Article at a glance:

  • Redmond Life is doing great! We’re growing fast and with that comes a few hiccups. Here’s our latest video update.
  • We’ve grown our team, invested in equipment, remodeled our space, and made upgrades.
  • There is plenty of salt and bentonite clay in our mines for many decades to come.
  • Some of our products require additional ingredients. In those cases, supply chain issues have made it challenging to get certain electrolytes and organic spices for Re-Lyte and seasonings.
  • We’re committed to you! We love how Redmond Life products have helped so many people live their journey and we’ll continue to do our best to offer something that makes the journey easier.

Hello Redmond Life Family!

It’s been an exciting period of growth here at Redmond Life. We’ve learned a lot and keep on learning as we do our best to keep our people-focused culture while meeting demand and continuing to offer the best quality products that we can. You may be tired of hearing about our growing pains (we certainly are!), but if you’re interested, we thought we’d offer another sneak peek into our processes, where things are, what we have done and are doing during this growing journey, and our long-term commitment to make things better. We've created an in-depth summary below or you can check out this video update from our Customer Experience Team Lead, Chief Marketing Officer, and President.

Redmond Real Salt Mine

Redmond Life’s Process

We don’t do much to the unrefined salt and bentonite clay we get from the earth near Redmond, Utah, but there are a few steps in the process and a few more steps for products that include more than just salt or clay.

Redmond Life’s Process
Redmond Life’s Process

Redmond Life Status Update (Where Things Are)

The process for getting your favorite Redmond Life product from our mine to your doorstep does have a lot of moving parts, but it usually works very smoothly except for a little hiccup now and then. This year’s explosive growth has caused a few bigger hiccups. We’ve taken a lot of steps to speed up our shipping process (more on that below). The current out-of-stock hurdle is harder to address. You’ve probably heard of supply chain issues and, as much as we hate giving a standard, “dog-ate-my-homework” type of excuse, the difficulty in getting quality ingredients is the reason behind so many of our products being out of stock. We do our best to get fresh, quality ingredients that haven’t lost the benefits they have to offer by sitting in a hot warehouse for a long time. Lately, our co-packers have had difficulty getting magnesium glycinate, one of the sources of magnesium in Re-Lyte. Organic mustard, an ingredient in our organic seasoning salt, has also been difficult to get. Our response options are limited, but we are doing what we can to get these items so we can get your favorite products mixed and to your door.

e-Lyte being packaged

The good news for Re-Lyte is that our co-packer found a quality supplier and the Re-Lyte shortage will soon be over. We expect Re-Lyte supplies to be plentiful and consistent again around the end of October.

What We Have Done and Are Doing

Sometimes expansion moves slower than we’d hope because our first priority is maintaining our culture that places people at the top. Here are a few steps we have taken and are working on to move past these bumps in our journey:

  • Hiring additional employees to help in shipping and production
  • Buying new equipment to pack and ship faster
  • Restructuring our warehouse, getting new software, and changing our shipping processes to be more efficient
  • Bringing in associates from our sister companies to help in production and shipping
  • Packaging products in-house rather than waiting for shipments from a co-packer
  • Inviting (but not pressuring!) associates to work overtime, work weekends, or bring a significant other to work a few hours if they would like to earn extra money
  • Placing orders with packaging suppliers and co-packers several months in advance and in quantities much larger than typical
  • Following up with co-packers to increase orders, check the status of orders, find alternative suppliers, and brainstorm options for expediting Redmond Life orders

Our Long-Term Commitment

Our commitment to get things on track and get you what you need goes much, much deeper than just showing up for a nine to five job. We are daily inspired by stories from customers, friends, and family who tell us how Redmond Life products have benefited their life. We realize that many of you rely on these products on a daily basis; our families and friends do too. We are and will continue to do everything we can to make sure Grandma Ruth, Uncle Mark, third cousin Lynn, and the customer we just met have access to something that makes their journey easier. We are excited about all our journeys and look forward to continuing them together.

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Doug Beadle

fantastic information !!!
customer for life
love your products A+

Redmond Life replied:
Thanks for your kind words and support!

Cricket Palmer

Love your products! Thanks to your team!
Redmond Life replied:
We love our fans!

Breitenbach Chiropractic

Thanks for the update! Our practice needs your products and we are happy to hear that things will be smoothing out soon. We have stuck with you because there is not a product out there that can replace your salts, seasonings, and re-lyte!
In health,
Dr. Eric and Jen Breitenbach


As a new customer, with many years in the Retail and Distribution industries, I appreciate both you transparency and candor as you grow. I also love that you will not make changes to your products that will not be beneficial moving forward. Keep doing what you do. I am happy to be part of the Redmond team and you have my support. Thank you!
Redmond Life replied:
We can’t thank you enough!