Ricky Garard Shows Grit and Growth on the Path to Becoming the Fittest Man on Earth

By Jenny Smiechowski


Ricky Running

At Redmond Life, we believe there’s nothing more impactful than showing up as our authentic selves to share our talents with the world. We also believe that our greatest setbacks set the stage for our greatest successes. If something doesn’t work out, we reflect, learn the right lessons, get back up, and keep moving. No one embodies these values better than professional CrossFit athlete and Redmond Life partner Ricky Garard.

Like all athletes (and humans), Ricky’s journey has been filled with peaks and valleys. When Ricky reached out to us to share his passion for Re-Lyte we were excited to hear about the impact Re-Lyte’s had on his journey as an athlete, but we were even more grateful for the opportunity to hear Ricky’s story in his own words. It’s a story we’re honored to be a part of and one we felt inspired to share. 

Ricky’s Remarkable Journey

From a young age, Ricky had a passion for sports and was inspired by his parents, who were high-level athletes themselves. He dreamed of becoming a professional rugby league player one day, but Ricky’s journey veered in a new direction when he discovered CrossFit.

Initially, it was a tool to improve his rugby performance, but it soon became his main passion. This passion led him to make the life-altering decision to pursue CrossFit full-time.

“Since I started CrossFit, my goal was to become the fittest man on earth and win the CrossFit games. That's still my mission and journey,” says Ricky.

Ricky worked incredibly hard to reach this goal, and in 2017, he placed third in the CrossFit Games, only to have his title stripped due to a positive drug test. 

At the time, Ricky was 23, and he asked the salesman at a local supplement store what he could take to build his strength and recovery. He ended up taking something that was banned in CrossFit, and as a result, he was suspended from competitive CrossFit for four years. 

Ricky could have used this mistake as an excuse to lose sight of his dream but he didn’t. Instead, he learned valuable lessons, kept working hard, and, with an unyielding spirit, made a remarkable comeback.

“The way I was brought up and the sports I played drove me to not give up,” says Ricky. “I never ever let go of the dream that I could one day be the fittest man on Earth as much as I wanted to let it go sometimes. Four years is a long time.” 

Ricky’s suspension ended in 2021, and in 2022, he returned to the CrossFit Games. He held the leader’s jersey for nine events and finished in third place, the same placement he achieved during his first CrossFit Games in 2017.

“I love to compete and go head to head with the other guys. I get out there and give it my best and it’s the best feeling ever,” says Ricky. “I always remind myself whenever I’m having hard days at the gym not to have any regrets that I skipped anything during training or didn't try hard enough.”

His return to the CrossFit Games was nothing short of inspiring, and it left a lasting impact on the CrossFit community. His resilience and determination helped him earn back the respect of fans and athletes.

In 2022, during the midst of this comeback, Ricky discovered Re-Lyte. He’d spent most of his time as an athlete hydrating with just water but had started hearing more about the benefits of salt. He did some online research, which brought him to Re-Lyte. He and his nutritionist loved the ingredients, so he tried it, and he quickly noticed a difference in his focus and energy.

Ricky - Re-Lyte

Ricky’s Next Chapter

Despite all the good things happening for Ricky in recent years, it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing. A bike accident in 2023 forced him to miss much of the 2023 competition season. But for Ricky, this challenge was just another chance to show his mental fortitude. Just six months after undergoing surgery for his injury, Ricky is gearing up to compete in the Rogue Invitational October 27-29 in Austin, Texas. And we’ll be there to cheer him on!

Ricky's journey is a reminder that setbacks are just opportunities for comebacks, and true success is achieved by those who refuse to give up on their dreams. We’re honored to have him as a Redmond Life partner for this reason and also because he’s a down-to-earth, genuine guy who shares our commitment to simple, clean, and real living.

Ricky's dedication to health, well-being, and personal growth aligns with our mission to help people live intentionally. Together, we’re on a path to inspire and empower others to keep learning and growing. His journey is just beginning, and we’re so excited to be part of the next chapter as he works toward becoming the fittest man on Earth!

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Comments (1)

Melinda Garard

Thanks for sharing a little insight into our son Ricky. He is truly a genuine, humble kind person. Who is very much loved. He is the youngest of my 4 children. What you see is what you get. It’s nice to see the real story of my son being shared. Not a version the media tried to betray of him in the past. Both my boys love to compete and they are true warriors when they take that competitive floor with hearts of gold. 🙏
Melinda Garard
Redmond Life replied:
We are so excited to hear from you, Melinda. Everyone here at Redmond Life that have worked with Ricky has said that he is a genuinely great guy. We are so glad that he loves Re-Lyte, and we are so happy to have him as a partner.