How to Make Sole Water

By Larissa Carrick


How to Make Sole Water

Drinking a solution of concentrated salt water may sound intimidating, but just wait until you hear the why behind such an endeavor. People who practice fasting and/or live a ketogenic lifestyle are quickly adopting the Sole practice and reaping the benefits. Just a spoonful of the brine a day will replenish the body with electrolytes and essential minerals.



Maintaining a proper level of electrolytes has many benefits for overall health. Here are just a few of the benefits people all over the world are enjoying with Sole Water.

  • Hydration: Electrolytes help to make the most of the water in your body and keep you properly hydrated.
  • Battles fatigue and boosts energy: For people fasting, a daily salt solution is essential. Without replenishing electrolytes fasting can cause quick fatigue. Sole Water is a wonderful solution for optimal function and energy when fasting.
  • Remedy for muscle cramping: Salt has been a remedy for muscle cramping for centuries. Adding Sole water to your daily workout routine can help you avoid them altogether.
  • Improved digestion: Unrefined salt can help the intestinal tract and liver with secretion improving digestive health and function.

Why Sole Water?

You may be wondering why not just add a teaspoon of unrefined salt to a glass for some quick electrolytes? Simply adding a bit of salt to water could be an easy quick fix and we definitely recommend it if that is your only option. However, Sole Water is a solution that gives you the perfect amount of sodium with no guesswork involved, and our Ancient Sea Salt Crystals make that even more simple.

Fasting and keto are practices that will significantly decrease electrolytes. It is absolutely essential that vital minerals and electrolytes be replenished. Sole Water makes it easy. Water can only absorb 26% of sodium chloride in a solution. A fully saturated container of water makes each spoonful of the magic elixir the perfect amount to help replenish the body with electrolytes, resulting in optimal function.

The Easiest DIY You’ll Ever Try

Ok so let’s stop talking about it and do it already.

To make Sole Water:

  • Step 2 - Cover the sea salt crystals with water. (We suggest purified or spring water.)
  • Step 3 - Put the lid on. (Preferably NOT a metal lid since metal will oxidize with water and salt.)
  • Step 4 - Let sit for 24 hours. (To be fully saturated you want to see some salt remaining on the bottom of the jar. If all the salt has fully dissolved, add more salt. Let sit for another hour. Leftover salt indicates that the solution is fully saturated and at 26% sodium capacity.)

To take Sole Water:

  • Add 1 spoonful (approximately 1 tsp) of sole water into your first morning glass of water and stay salty all day long!

Watch our video HERE to see just how easy it is to make and enjoy Sole Water.

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Comments (49)

Kelly Foster

Hi Cassie, Can you please tell me if using Alkaline water is ok to make the Sole Water ? Alkaline water is all we drink, thanks ;-)

Douglas Varga

Not having, or researching I came to using 8 grans of real salt with the juice from a whole lime, to about 20 ounces of filtered water and ice. I’ve been doing this for about a year now with no ill effects! And now I’m reading about Sole Water! So the application of Sole Water seems way diluted for me. But what do I know? Anyway a complete reduction of leg cramps.


Hi, what is the difference between Coarse Salt and Kosher Salt, aren’t they both coarse salt? Which salt do you recommend to make a load of salt? Can the water be heated together with the salt for better dissolution, or should you wait for it to dissolve on its own, without heating the water? Thank you so much!

Cassie Duke

Hi Mary,
You can use our fine salt. Here are some directions:
Place about ¼ cup salt in the bottom of the jar. Fill the jar the rest of the way with water, leaving a small space at the top. Put the lid on. Wait at least an hour, then check on it. There should be some salt remaining in the bottom of the jar. If all of the salt is absorbed, add more, then wait again. If there are crystals at the bottom of the jar, your solution has reached full saturation and is ready to use. Remove a spoonful, add to a glass of water, and drink.