Redmond Clay Powder Bulk Bag (6 lb. bag)
Redmond Clay Powder Bulk Bag (6 lb. bag)

Redmond Clay Powder Bulk Bag (6 lb. bag)

Redmond Clay is a pure, bentonite clay (also known as montmorillonite clay) that we mine ourselves, not too far from our salt mine near Redmond, Utah. Deposited millions of years ago as the ash of now-inactive volcanoes, it’s unique in that it contains both calcium and sodium. It also includes a blend of natural, beneficial trace minerals. We gather it from the earth, crush it into powder, and put it in a jar or bucket without any additives, chemicals, preservatives, or other fillers.

You can use this ready-to-mix powder in your mud masks or other home recipes that call for bentonite clay. Our simple recipe for a facial mask is one part Redmond Clay to two parts water. Mix into a smooth, creamy paste, adding water as needed.

We're excited about our new clay bags because they are easier to fulfill, more durable to ship, and allow us to keep serving our customers who love buying Redmond Clay in bulk.

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Redmond Clay is a natural bentonite clay that’s been a skin-soothing staple in homes for generations. This mineral-rich clay is actually weathered volcanic ash from ancient volcanoes that were active near what is now Redmond, Utah.

Redmond Clay comes from one of the most unique clay deposits because it contains a nice blend of both calcium and sodium. Its special composition is one reason Redmond Clay works so well.

Our clay doesn’t contain artificial fragrances, additives, or preservatives— just pure bentonite clay that promotes clean, beautiful skin.

We own the Redmond Clay deposit in Utah and control the entire process, from the mine until it heads to your store shelf.

Redmond Clay is made from pure bentonite clay we mine ourselves in Redmond, Utah. Our clay comes in a dry, powder form that mixes easily into a paste when combined with water.

Clay isn't typically defined as food (even though it's used as an additive in some foods). So, classifying it as food-grade doesn’t really make sense. But we can say that if clay were to be used as food, Redmond Clay could certainly meet that classification.

Clay has been used internally for thousands of years, and for decades, we've heard from customers who've had amazing experiences using our clay internally.

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