Re-Lyte® Pre-Workout Sample Pack (4 ct.)
Re-Lyte® Pre-Workout Sample Pack (4 ct.)

Re-Lyte® Pre-Workout Sample Pack (4 ct.)

Redmond Re-Lyte PRE is a tasty and refreshing pre-workout mix created to deliver a clean boost of energy to power you through any workout! With its balanced blend of electrolytes and minerals, Re-Lyte PRE improves performance, fights muscle fatigue, and aids in recovery, while helping you get the most out of your time in and out of the gym (and it's free shipping! Some exclusions apply, see our Shipping Policy for more info)!

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Re-Lyte Pre-Workout contains clean, effective ingredients that give you the energy and stamina you need to crush your workout.

Calcium carbonate makes Re-Lyte Pre-Workout easier to mix. Because it’s combined with citric acid, taking calcium carbonate in Re-Lyte isn’t the same as taking it by itself. Learn more here.

Re-Lyte Pre-Workout doesn’t contain any of the unhealthy ingredients or fillers you’ll find in other pre-workout mixes, like added sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, anti-caking agents, and thickening agents.

Pre-Workout contains 150 mg of caffeine from green tea extract, which is enough to give you energy while helping to minimize the chance of developing the jitters or a crash.

Pre-Workout contains two herbs that support healthy energy and endurance, ginseng and maca root, that you won’t find in most pre-workout mixes.

Re-Lyte Pre-Workout contains muscle-supporting branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) made from plant rather than animal sources, so they’re vegan-friendly.

Each serving of Re-Lyte Pre contains 3 grams of beta-alanine, which can cause tingling or itchy skin in doses over 2 grams. Beta-alanine is a safe and effective amino acid for boosting exercise performance. Any tingling or itching you experience is harmless and should start to fade within 30 minutes.

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What’s in Re-Lyte Pre-Workout?


Vegan BCAA
2:1:1 Blend
3,000 mg
200 mg
Caffeine from Green Tea
150 mg
100 mg
100 mg

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