Ice Slicer Nature's Blend (10 lb. bag)
Ice Slicer Nature's Blend (10 lb. bag)

Ice Slicer Nature's Blend (10 lb. bag)

Redmond Ice Slicer: Nature’s Blend improves the safety of your driveways, walkways, and more with nature's perfect recipe for melting ice and snow. Our all-natural deicer is safer for kids, pets, and plants because it’s certified organic and doesn’t contain harmful liquid chloride additives or added dyes. Nature's Blend contains over 60 trace minerals that melt snow 3.5 times faster than traditional rock salt and is effective up to 0°F.  This high performance means you can use less than with other deicers. And its natural reddish color and grit make it easy to apply and enhance traction. Melt away winter worries with Nature’s Blend.
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There are 60+ naturally occurring trace minerals in Nature's Blend which give it the signature reddish color that eliminates the need for any added dyes. The minerals also act as a beneficial buffer for not only your concrete and your landscaping, but for you, your children, and your pets.

Nature’s Blend is an all-natural mineral salt that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, urea, dyes, or additives. It’s not edible, but there’s no need to worry if small amounts are ingested. Be sure to rinse paws or skin after exposure, as constant contact with salt can cause irritation. Learn more on our blog. (link to the blog “Which Deicers Are Safe For Children and Pets?”).

With no added dyes, Nature’s Blend won’t stain concrete or carpet. Its reddish color comes from 60+ trace minerals and micro-nutrients found in our ancient sea salt. The residue from Nature’s Blend is safe to sweep into nearby plants or soil, or just wait for the next rain to wash it away.

Nature's Blend is proud to be an OMRI listed organic product. With over 60 naturally occurring trace minerals, Nature's Blend is safe for wildlife and plants. Using recommended light applications not only keeps you safe but also protects your garden. Learn more here. (link to “Deicers in your garden”).

While salt deicers play a role in the natural thaw-freeze process that can harm concrete over time, Nature’s Blend outperforms regular white salt-based deicers. It produces brine faster and lasts longer, reducing the total number of thaw-freeze cycles. Check out this article (link to “Do Deicers Damage Concrete?”)for more information on how to better protect your concrete.

While Nature’s Blend is an OMRI-certified organic mineral salt and is free from harmful chemical additives and dyes of other deicers, you should not eat it. Our deicing salt is harvested and processed with different standards than our delicious, food-grade Redmond Real Salt.

A lot less than you think! A 10 lb. bag will cover up to 400 square feet. That’s over 3.5 times the melting power and coverage of other ice melts! The natural trace minerals found in Ice Slicer are native in the salt deposit created eons ago when an ancient ocean evaporated. Most of these minerals are present in very low (part per million) concentrations and therefore have little effect on melting performance, however a few are present in larger (percent) levels and these natural minerals DO have a synergistic effect on the NaCl – leading to faster melt rates.

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