Savor Every Bite And Every Moment

Made with the perfect blend of unrefined, ancient sea salt, organic herbs, and organic spices, Real Salt Seasonings fill your life with flavor and help you savor every moment.

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Make Meals Memorable

Whether you’re sitting down for a quick lunch on a workday or having a holiday dinner with the whole fam, Real Salt Seasonings contain flavorful, healthy ingredients that make each meal memorable.

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Wowza! Delish

I love that we can sprinkle yummy seasoning in our eggs, chicken, steak, marinades, etc and know that we aren’t getting a bunch of junk thrown in our bodies. Super yummy. A great gift idea for someone so they, too, can love Redmond products.

—Jen Anyan, Shopify

My Favorite

I am obsessed with all Redmond's seasonings. Please make more, as you guys can do no wrong when it comes to spices. This one [Chili Lime] is actually my favorite. I have been reaching for it more than anything else in my collection. My favorite is actually on roasted chicken thighs. PHENOMENAL.

-Lindsay Clegg, Shopify

Better Than My Homemade Taco Seasoning!

I've always made my own spice blends because the ones at the store are bland and full of unnecessary fillers. Not Redmond's!! Theirs is better than my homemade blend! This taco seasoning is the stuff of dreams. I don't have to add anything! It has the perfect amount of salt so that you aren't over salting your food when you want more of the actual seasoning. I'll never need to make my own again!

-Lindsay, Shopify

Best Salt And Seasoning!!

We’ve been using Redmond’s Real Salt for a couple of years now and it is amazing!! We love the Salt, Garlic salt and Seasoned salt! The Seasoned salt is what we use now exclusively on our chicken, my husband loves it! The flavor is amazing and it even has tumeric, what’s better??!! Tastes good and is healthy for us!! We won’t go back to regular table salt ever again.

Jennifer Yeagly, Shopify

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