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How much Re-Lyte should I drink in a day when I'm fasting?

We recommend starting with 2-3 scoops per day, but you could do more. Your body might also want more if you have done a big workout. Every body is different. If the Re-Lyte tastes quite salty, this is a good indicator that you have enough in your body.

Can I use Redmond Salt Crystals and Re-Lyte? Is that too much salt?

Your body will tell you. If you start to have an upset stomach, that’s an indicator that you have had enough.

Are there apps to help me fast?

If you already rely on your phone to plan and prioritize your week, you’ll feel right at home using an app to help you track your fast. There are two that seem to be more popular around our office and in the Real Salt fasting group. 

Life Fasting Tracker
Record all kinds of fasting, connect with friends, and track details like ketones, carbs, and moods. Learn more at 

 Zero Fasting app
A minimal interface that tracks custom or preset fasts and boasts the largest community of people fasting anywhere. Learn more at

Should I fast when I'm sick?

Our friend Thomas DeLauer has a great YouTube video on fasting and sickness, and we encourage you to do your own research on this one, but here are a few quick ideas to consider. 

Fasting when you’re sick: 

  • If everyone around you is getting sick but you’re not, fast. 
  • If you feel yourself getting sick, don’t fast. 
  • If you have a viral sickness, don’t fast. 
  • If you know you have a bacterial sickness, fasting may help. 
  • If you’re recovering with just a lingering cough, fast.

If you’re asking about fasting while sick, this video will be worth your time. 

How should I break my fast?

Your body will be sensitive at the end of a sustained fast, and a lot of us have learned the hard way that jumping into a big meal or greasy burger is a sure way to feel sick.

Start slowly with bone broth or a small amount of protein to nudge your digestive system back into gear. After an hour or two you should be able to enjoy a regular meal.

This is a common misstep when people start fasting, and there’s more to learn. Read our guide to breaking your fast without messing up your gut.

Why is salt (Real Salt) important on an extended fast?

Your cells need sodium to maintain fluid volume and keep your muscles and nervous systems functioning properly. When we fast our kidneys excrete more sodium and extra fluid, and since we can’t make sodium on our own it helps to supplement with unrefined sea salt.

How much salt do I need?

The answer depends on a lot of things, but we recommend you start with 2 grams (½ teaspoon) of Real Salt per day and adjust from there. If you experience headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, fatigue, and muscle cramps, add more salt.

How can I measure how much salt I get?

Most of us don’t carry 2-gram containers around, so here are some popular ways to use Real Salt during a fast. 

  • -Swallow Redmond Re-Lyte capsules
  • -Make and mix sole water
  • -Carry and lick Real Salt Crystals
  • -Add Real Salt to your water bottle

How can I avoid the worst parts of an extended fast?

Rule 1: Hunger comes and hunger goes in waves.  

Rule 2: It is ok to feel hungry. (See rule 1!) 

Rule 3: Re-read the benefits that come from fasting. (Autophagy is your friend!) 

Rule 4: Distract your mind by drinking water, tea, or coffee. Or lick a salt crystal. 

Rule 5: Engage your soul with service, a project you’ve been planning, long walks, intentional breathwork, or socializing with like-minded friends. 

Rule 6: Avoid the places and patterns your brain associates with food. (Especially on day 2!) 

Rule 7: Remember it’s all practice. If you reach your goal, that was excellent practice for next time. If you don’t go as far as you had planned, that was excellent practice for next time! 

How often should I fast?

We can’t help you with a simple answer to this one. Fasting has been studied enough to assume there can be benefits for most people, but you should always check with your health care provider and do your best to listen to your body’s cues. We normally like to start with intermittent fasting – 8 hours when you can eat and 16 hours when you don’t – and then experiment with extended fasts of 24-72 hours as your mind and body get on board.

Should I work out while fasting?

If your daily routine already includes a workout, give it a shot! Our bodies can burn stored energy like body fat for energy, and many people love the way it feels to work out during a fast. If you don’t already have a feel for your physical limits (the difference between being tired and hitting the metaphorical wall) be especially careful and always listen to your body. It will be especially important to drink plenty of water and supplement your salt and mineral intake – many athletes who fast rely on Redmond Re-Lyte capsules for that.


“Fasting to me feels natural to me, almost like I’m made for it. The energy I get from it is very useful. I get a beautiful sense of cal from it that I can’t quit explain. I love the about of focus it requires, that I have the will and drive to put that focus on it and keep at fasting. Fasting and Keto are where it’s at!”


“I’ve become a BIG believer in the power of fasting. I completed a 43 hour fast this time. Ketones hit 4.0 and blood glucose was 62 (.88 GKI) at the end of my fast. Very inspiring and motivating to see so many people in the Real Salt Fasting Group fasting. Thanks to Ken and Neisha Berry for all their education and support.”


“This was my second 72-hour fast with Redmond Real Salt and my first actually using Real Salt rather than pink Himalayan salt. It was also the first time I used strictly salt and water. It wasn’t easy, but the support of the group definitely helped me get to my goal of fasting from Sunday night to Friday morning. Redmond was active in supporting the group and encouraged me personally. Next time I’m aiming for 7 days.”


“This was my very first Real Salt Fast. I was impressed by the positivity, encouragement and knowledgeable advice offered by so many of the participants. With their help, I was able to extend my 72 hours by an extra 24 hours. It was an incredible experience so thank you to everyone!”



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