Redmond Life Wrapped 2023

By Redmond Life


Redmond Life Wrapped 2023

As the year ends, we’re so thankful for the journey we’ve shared with you, our amazing community. Join us around the virtual campfire as we express our gratitude and reflect on the milestones we’ve reached together. 

Each accomplishment is a testament to your contribution and passion. From our bestselling products to the exciting new launches and the meaningful impact we've made—this is your story, woven into the fabric of Redmond Life 2023.

So, grab a glass of Re-Lyte Hydration, and let's celebrate some highlights that have made this year truly special.

Your Top 3 Favorite Products

Top 3 Favorite Products

Re-Lyte Hydration 

You value an essential electrolyte mix that’s designed to support your lifestyle and values, and it shows! With seven flavors and 21 different products to choose from, Re-Lyte Hydration tops our chart and has become a true community favorite. 

Real Salt 

Your passion for unrefined, ancient sea salt, exactly as nature made it, has secured Real Salt’s number two spot on our list. In your hands, Real Salt has become a kitchen essential, flavoring countless delicious meals in 2023. 


Your preference for a toothpaste with no glycerine, fluoride, foaming agents, or artificial coloring earned Earthpaste the third place in our lineup.  Earthpaste has everything your mouth needs to feel clean and nothing extra.

Your Top Re-Lyte Hydration Flavor: Strawberry Lemonade

Favorite flavor, Strawberry

We get it!  What’s not to love? The delightful burst of sweetness and tartness in Strawberry Lemonade has made it a true crowd-pleaser. Lemon Lime and Watermelon Lime took a close second and third, proving you can’t go wrong with the citrusy classics! 

You Loved Our New 2023 Products

Limited Edition Smoked Redmond Real Salt Apple Pecan 

Smoked Salt Apple Pecan

Your fantastic suggestions inspired us to launch a limited edition line in 2023, starting with the subtly sweet Apple Pecan Smoked Salt. Get it soon if you haven’t already because it’s almost gone!

Real Salt Brine Kit 

Brine Kit

You loved using our Real Salt for brining turkey, chicken, pork, and more!  So we launched our own Real Salt Brine Kit—a savory blend of Real Salt, seasonings, and citrus, to make brining even easier!

Redmond Ice Slicer: Nature’s Blend

Ice Slicer

Ice Slicer is a longstanding member of the Redmond family that has been deicing highways for over 50 years, so it’s not exactly a “new” product. But it’s new to Redmond Life, so it made our list. Nature’s Blend is nature’s perfect recipe for melting ice and snow. We know you’ll love it! 

Your Feedback Inspired 2 Product Relaunches

2 product Re-launches

Re-Lyte Hydration 

Your valuable feedback and our commitment to improvement fueled the 2023 update of Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix to Re-Lyte Hydration. This relaunch spanned all 21 products in the Hydration line! You loved the new look and how it mixes more easily.

Re-Lyte Immunity 

Your dedication to wellness inspired the relaunch of Re-Lyte Immunity. With an updated label and better mixability, our immune-supporting mix is back and better than ever. Re-Lyte Immunity is packed with vitamins, herbs, and minerals purposefully selected to supercharge your body’s natural immune response.

You Liked Us! 2023 Social Media Buzz

More than 75,000 of you joined our growing communities on social media. Check out these standout posts! 

You loved this collaboration video on our Instagram account, where we highlighted the connection between Real Salt and Re-Lyte. Who doesn’t appreciate a great video transition?

Almost 4,000 of you liked this recipe for making your own electrolyte drink from scratch using Real Salt.

And lastly, you can’t seem to get enough of watching our mesmerizing mining videos. Those salt-grinding blades are impressive!

You Loved Saving With Our New Life Rewards Program

Since the launch of Life Rewards in March 2023, you’ve collectively earned a staggering 22 million Life Rewards points—that’s some significant savings! Your loyalty and the 300+ friends you've brought along with our Refer a Friend program have turned this rewards journey into a true celebration! 

Your Support Helped Us Grow! 

We proudly welcomed 21 new faces to the Redmond Life team. These new team members will help serve you even better and gave us the opportunity to make some new friends!

You Inspired Us in Our Green Efforts

Green Team

Your commitment to sustainability inspired us to be more green in 2023. We held our first-ever Redmond Life Volunteer Day, where we cleared 1.5 miles of trails and donated $3,000 in-kind volunteer hours to the Wasatch Trails Foundation. Additionally, we launched the Heber Campus Recycling Program, partnering with local recycling services to reduce our impact on landfills. 

Redmond Inc. Gives Back in 2023 – Your Global Impact

WHOlives Support 

Your ongoing support has been instrumental in our contributions to WHOlives.  Redmond Inc. matches employee donations dollar for dollar, and in 2023, we raised enough funds to drill a third well to address freshwater scarcity. We’re excited to share that we’ll sponsor two more wells soon! Three thousand people are drinking clean water today because of these efforts. 

Sponsorship at Colegio Mesoamericano


In 2023, we continued our support of Colegio Mesoamericano. Five Redmond associates became sponsors, six individuals made generous one-time donations, and many more contributed in their bi-weekly paychecks. This is a testament to the big-hearted nature of our Redmond family.

Forward into 2024!

As we say goodbye to an exceptional 2023, we're filled with gratitude for the remarkable journey we've shared with you. This has truly been an amazing year for Redmond Life, marked by unprecedented growth. Business success is great, but that’s not the only way we’ve grown. We’ve grown as individuals, teams, and a force for good in the world. Thank you for being the most important part of our journey and for your unwavering support. Together, we’ve done so much to support our mission of elevating the human experience! We can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish in 2024!

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Comments (7)

Roger Penrod

I was at Doug & Stacy’s homestead conference and spoke to a couple of your representatives. That suggested a product that I could use as a fertilizer in my garden. I do not recall what it was. Can you help me out?
Redmond Life:
They were probably talking about our Redmond Agriculture’s Mineralyte Soil amendments. You can read all about it here:

Allen l. walker

i love it have been using it for 40 years
Redmond Life:
That’s amazing, Allen! Thank you for going on this journey with us.

Douglas Lambert

I have been purchasing your Pre-Workout product which is now unavailable. I understand that you have a new product forthcoming. In the meantime, is the Boost a close replacement? I know it doesn’t have the BCCAs, but otherwise it looks close.
Redmond Life:
Thanks for the question! Our new Pre-Workout is coming back soon and we think you’ll love the improved taste and easier mixability. Until then, Boost might be a good stand-in. The biggest difference is that Boost doesn’t contain the BACCs or beta-alanine. But it does have caffeine and energizing herbs. So it’s your call! For more info we have an article comparing Boost to Pre-Workout on our website: