I Ditched My Coffee for Re-Lyte Boost: Here's What Happened

By Holly King


I Ditched My Coffee for Re-Lyte Boost: Here's What Happened

Article at a Glance:

  • We asked freelance writer (and coffee-lover) Holly King to swap out her coffee for Re-Lyte Boost for five days and share an honest account of her experience.
  • She shared her perspective on everything from its taste to its effectiveness to its convenience to its cost.
  • Read on to find out exactly how Boost stacked up in the eyes of this committed coffee fan (hint: Boost earned a permanent place in Holly’s daily drink rotation).

Note: Since this article was published, we've updated Re-Lyte Boost to Re-Lyte Energy. Although the product was improved and the name changed, the blend of natural caffeine, electrolytes, herbs, and vitamins remains the same, and the content of this article remains valuable and applicable.

I’m a coffee lover through and through. Pourovers, cold-brew, cortados, espresso-martinis (ha!)— you name it, I like it. So when the team behind my favorite electrolyte mix asked if I’d be willing to help them with a coffee-swap experiment I was… skeptical.

But as any coffee drinker knows, our beloved daily beverage has its downsides. For me, it’s that with time coffee has brought on new jitters and heart-racing. I used to be a 3-cup (sometimes 4-cup) per day kind of gal, and now I can handle no more than 2. I’ve also found that coffee gets harder on my digestion each year. And expensive on my budget!

And since I’m always looking for natural and easy ways to increase my daily energy, I decided why not give it a go? I swapped my morning and afternoon coffee with Re-Lyte Boost (Redmond Life’s new energy drink mix) for 5 days, and this is how it went.

What’s in Re-Lyte Boost?

Before we get into it, here’s a breakdown of all that’s in Re-Lyte Boost.

  • Re-Lyte Base
    We know it and we love it! The Re-Lyte Base is the foundation of Re-Lyte Hydration, Re-Lyte Immunity, Re-Lyte Pre-Workout, and most of the Re-Lyte Capsule line as well. Its made up of calcium, potassium, magnesium, coconut water powder, and Real Salt trace minerals.
  • 120mg of caffeine, from green tea extract
  • B-Vitamins: B3, B6, and B12
  • Beetroot
  • Ginseng
  • Maca
  • Rhodiola rosea
  • Ashwagandha
  • Natural flavoring— lemon-lime for me!

My Method

I mixed roughly one full-scoop of Lemon Lime Re-Lyte Boost in 16 oz of water each morning and a half scoop of mix in 12 oz of water each afternoon. Some days I swapped for sparkling water in the afternoon (which I liked but might not be for everyone).

I found that the dissolving consistency did vary a little bit depending on how cold my water was. When very cold there were a few clumps that floated to the top, but they dissolved on their own in roughly one minute.


I know that hydration multipliers and electrolyte mixes often have a funky taste— but I was pleasantly surprised by this! I found the flavor to be quite mild and enjoyable for both morning and afternoon consumption. For me, there wasn’t much of a difference between this flavor and Re-Lyte Hydration.

If I found myself drinking slow, I would top off with additional water and enjoyed the subtle flavors when further diluted— I like my flavored beverages pretty mild.


To put it plainly: This WORKS.

Woweeee was I wrong in thinking I would struggle without coffee! Re-Lyte Boost packed all the same punch as my regular caffeine fix and then some. With 120 mg of caffeine per serving, I would say to be cautious of how much you *think* you need. And while it did hit me rather quickly, combined with the energy-boosting herbs and vitamins (B3, ginseng, maca, etc), this was a boost that lasted throughout the day.


As with any mix, one of the perks is that you can take it anywhere. I packed the mix in my purse as I went about my day, and mixed it easily in my water bottle when not at home.

I also loved that I could adjust the amount of mix needed in the afternoon, depending on my energy level. I find with coffee, that I often overindulge or pour myself too big of a cup when I really don’t need it. With this, I could control exactly what I needed and if I made it too strong, I’d simply add water and split it with my partner.


A surprising (and happy!) feature of Re-Lyte Boost was the affordability. Living in Texas, I’m partial to iced coffee, and cold beverages in general. It can get expensive to hit the coffee shop multiple times a week! When priced out, my cup-by-cup breakdown looks like this:

  • Iced coffee from my neighborhood shop: $4
  • Homemade iced coffee, single-serving: $1.30
  • Homemade black coffee, single-serving: $0.27
  • Re-Lyte Boost, single-serving: $0.99

I also checked the price of another popular energy and hydration mix— $1.78 per serving.

While price doesn’t rank above taste or energy for me, it’s nice to know that in addition to enjoying this product, it is priced fairly and attainably.

So, Would I Swap My Coffee for Re-Lyte Boost?

As I said before: I’m a coffee lover! And while I can’t imagine ever saying goodbye to my beautiful beans full-time, I will definitely be swapping my afternoon cups for Re-Lyte Boost. The delivery of flavor, hydration support, and balanced energy is incomparable to other coffee substitutes I’ve tried. Tea has never quite cut it for me, and other caffeine alternatives have been off the table due to their icky ingredient lists.

I would note that it seems common for those who don’t love the taste of an electrolyte mix to “chug” their water as fast as possible. Be just as wary of that with Re-Lyte Boost as you would with be with coffee! I did it when I was short on time before a workout class, and I had regrets— my heart was beating like a hummingbird!

But overall, when properly consumed, I love that this has given me a clean and safe way to get that pep-in-my-step without the jitters or a compromise on health. I will also be subbing in Re-Lyte Boost when I camp, hike, and or do other activities where coffee isn’t easily available.

Thanks to the Redmond Life team for trusting this caffeine enthusiast with such a fun experiment! You can learn more about Re-Lyte Boost here. You can also explore the rest of the Re-Lyte line here to see which products are best for you.

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