Redmond Life Shipping

We love our products and want to give everyone easy access to them, unfortunately for shipping rates our products tend to be heavy, and heavy products cost more to ship. If we could swing it, we’d pay for shipping every time.


Even with heavy products, we are trying our best to make them available. So we did the math and decided that we can pay the shipping for any order of $30 or more within the US.


We aren’t looking to make money on shipping, but the numbers don’t work so well for smaller orders, so we try to break even. Here are the current shipping rates for orders shipped directly from us.

If your order is… Your shipping is…
$29.99 or less $5.99
$30 or more FREE!
International Rates vary


We can ship internationally, but it can be expensive.  Rates on our website are based on weight and destination address. We are getting more and more international distributors, and hope to make our products more easily accessible to everyone.


If you’d like to talk about our shipping policies, please get in touch!