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We are upgrading! Orders may take up to two weeks to ship. See our FAQs

Real Salt Organic Season Salt Shaker (4.10 oz)
Real Salt Organic Season Salt Shaker (4.10 oz)

Real Salt Organic Season Salt Shaker (4.10 oz)

Our Organic Season Salt is a combination of Real Salt and organic spices. Now you can enjoy the great taste of Real Salt together with a zesty seasoning flavor you'll love! Ingredients: Real Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Onion, Organic Corriander, Organic Mustard, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Paprika, Organic Celery Seed, Organic Turmeric, & Organic Parsley. (Kosher Certified by OU)

* Please note: these are Kosher Certified, but are not Certified Kosher for Passover.

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Customer Reviews

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Dr. Kelsey Clevenger

I've had this seasoning salt for a couple weeks now and I have put it on EVERYTHING! I've even used it in my infant daughter's purees and she loves it, as well! We love REDMOND and I am so happy I don't have to worry about unhealthy ingredients for myself and my family.

Yummm is right! Thanks for the review Dr. Clevenger!

Lorette Williams

This seasoning is so good! I love that I don’t have to worry about the ingredients in there. Everything in the bottle is a real, pronounceable, food ingredient. Just a spectacular seasoning salt for anything you can think to put it on.

Thanks for being a fan Lorette. Creating products with simple, clean, real and effective ingredients is what we are all about!

Shawna Morales

I purchased the seasoning salt, and I use it daily for all my ketogenic dishes. Lately I've been adding it to some hot water and drinking it like bouillon. Getting my electrolytes in with a delicious way of doing it!
I have followed Dr. Berry and Neisha for over 2 years now! Love them and love all of you at Redmond Real salt for all your hard work! Thank you!

Great recommendation and use of our seasoning salt Shawna! Thanks for your support of our products. We too love the Berry's and appreciate this inspiring community.

Victoria C.
Totally hooked

I originally purchased 4 Oz of this seasoning just to try and now came back for the biggest bottle they offer! I ran out and had to use my old way of seasoning chicken and the result was good but not as good as if I would have used this seasoning. It makes my chicken flavorful with no effort, juicy also, my kids eat with no leftovers when I use it. I love the ingredients as well, all is clean. Thank you Redmond for this great product!

Thanks for sharing Victoria. Sounds like you are the hero of your kitchen. No leftovers from the kiddos is always a win.

New formulation makes me sad.

I have used and recommended Redmond for years. I love the fact that I can feed myself and my family all-natural, healthy seasonings while we make our foods taste better. I buy the big food-service-sized containers because we use so much Real Salt, especially the Natural Season Salt.

But I am truly disappointed with the flavor of the reformulated season salt. It changes the taste of foods I put it in and on--and not in a good way. Please consider removing the new ingredients--especially the black pepper--and returning to the season salt's roots of simple, delicious flavor.

I'm giving the product 4 stars, only because of its all-natural ingredients and Redmond's commitment to excellence. However, the flavor by itself would only garner 2 stars from me. :-/

Aimee, we are so sorry to hear this. Please check your email and lets get this taken care of!