We are upgrading! Orders may take up to two weeks to ship. See our FAQs

We are upgrading! Orders may take up to two weeks to ship. See our FAQs

Re-Lyte® Immunity Sticks
Re-Lyte® Immunity Sticks

Re-Lyte® Immunity Sticks

Re-Lyte Immunity is a clean, refreshing immunity mix filled with vitamins, herbs, and minerals purposefully selected to supercharge your body’s natural immune response— without any unhealthy additives getting in the way.

It contains a mix of vitamins C, D, B12, zinc, ginger root, turmeric, elderberry, and electrolytes (from our signature Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix, of course) that you can easily add to your water daily to fortify your body and feel like your most awesome self.

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About The Product

No Unhealthy Sweeteners

Some immunity mixes contain sugar, fructose, sucralose, or other unhealthy sweeteners that don’t do your immune system any favors. Re-Lyte Immunity is lightly sweetened with zero-calorie stevia leaf extract that won’t trigger blood sugar spikes (which can interfere with optimal immune function).

No Artificial Ingredients or Unnecessary Additives

Re-Lyte Immunity doesn’t contain any of the junk ingredients or fillers you’ll find in other immunity mixes, like preservatives, artificial flavors, and anti-caking agents.

More Immune-supporting Electrolytes.

With our Re-Lyte Electrolyte Mix as its base, Re-Lyte Immunity contains more immune-supporting electrolytes than many other mixes out there. One of the leading immunity mix brands (we won’t name names) contains far less of three electrolytes that are critical to immune function: sodium, chloride, and potassium. It contains 65 mg of sodium (versus 490 mg in Immunity), 200 mg of potassium (versus 330 mg in Immunity, and no chloride (versus 770 mg in Immunity).

How To Mix Re-Lyte Like A Pro

Mix one scoop of Re-Lyte into 12-16 ounces of water. Add more or less water depending on how you like it to taste.

After mixing, let sit for at least 30 seconds.

Shake it up again for another 10 seconds to let it fully dissolve. (Avoiding artificial ingredients means a little extra mixing.)

You may notice sediment at the bottom of your container when done. that is trace minerals from real salt that are safe and beneficial to consume.