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Available for a limited time only! Offer expires May 24!

Since you care enough to pick up the Homemaker eBook Bundle, we’re willing to bet you’re a Redmond products kind of person. Let’s see if we’re right! We’ll send you a free Redmond products bundle — just let us know which one you’d like.

Each bundle has a unique coupon code–enter it during checkout to get yours free!


Coupon Code: homemakerEP

Free Option 1: $24.90 value

Coupon Code: homemakerEP


Coupon Code: homemakerRC

Free Option 2: $26.90 value

Coupon Code: homemakerRC


A trick to get free shipping

We offer free shipping across our website for orders of $40. Here’s how to work this offer to get your shipping covered:

  1. Add both bundles to your cart. Before the discount is applied, your subtotal will be big and scary — enough for free shippping.
  2. Apply coupon code homemakerRC to your cart to get your free bundle.
  3. Your new subtotal is $24.90–you get one bundle free, a killer deal on the other one, and we pay your shipping.
  4. Do your free shipping dance

Have your eye on other products? Add any Redmond products to your cart along with your free bundle — when your subtotal reaches $40, we’ll pick up your shipping bill!

For our friends outside the U.S.

We bet you’re sick of missing out on freebies like this, huh? Well, if you’re wondering if this offer is another victim of geography, the answer is a friendly “maybe”. For details, skip to the “Good News” section of our international shipping page. If you’re left with questions, get in touch.