We are upgrading! Orders may take up to two weeks to ship. See our FAQs

We are upgrading! Orders may take up to two weeks to ship. See our FAQs

Redmond Clay Facial Mud with Silver (4 oz)
Redmond Clay Facial Mud with Silver (4 oz)
Redmond Clay Facial Mud with Silver (4 oz)

Redmond Clay Facial Mud with Silver (4 oz)

Redmond Clay Facial Mud with Silver makes the power of Redmond Clay more convenient, portable, and effective than ever. Through a potent combination of Redmond Clay and nano silver, it helps clarify your skin, absorb excess oil, reduce pores, remove impurities, tone, and deep clean your skin for a beautiful, clear complexion. Just apply this simple facial mask to your skin daily and get ready to glow.

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Water, bentonite clay, nano silver solution.

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

Learn more about prop65 here: https://redmond.life/prop65/

Stronger With Silver

We’ve made an exciting update to our Earthpaste and Redmond Clay Facial Mud products— we’ve added nano silver! For years, nano silver has been used for dental and medical purposes because of its anti-bacterial properties. Those properties make it a simple, clean, and real alternative to some of the chemical ingredients found in other skincare and dental products and a great addition to any natural personal care routine…..including yours! We think it makes our products more effective than ever, and we’re super psyched for you to experience its cleansing power for yourself.






About The Product

A Fresh New Formula for Glowing Skin

Redmond Clay Facial Mud got a makeover! We added the perfect dose of skin-soothing nano silver to our hydrated bentonite clay, so it’s even better at delivering the clear, radiant skin of your dreams.

Nano Silver

Nano silver formulas have proven benefits when it comes to skin health. A 2019 research review found that nano silver can help combat skin infections, promote healing, and reduce skin inflammation.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal's potent drawing powers pull dirt, chemicals, bacteria, and other toxins to the skin's surface, so they can be removed more easily. Charcoal also has antimicrobial properties that can offer protection against harmful microbes on the skin, particularly in wounds. This antimicrobial power could potentially help with conditions like acne as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris Brown
Can't say enough about how much I love all of the Redmond products!

I found out about Redmond Salt and the other products through following Dr. Ken Berry and the Proper Human Diet (aka Keto).

I'm 52 and have had nice skin all my life except for getting breakouts around my nose and my chin and being highly sensitive. Since using the Redmond Clay Facial Mud with Silver and the Facial Mud with Cucumber, Charcoal and Silver, my skin is so soft, vibrant and best of all no breakouts and no irritation. I wish I would have found your products 30 or 40 years ago.

I also love the Redmond Earthpaste with Silver. My teeth have never as healthy as they are now. My favorites are Cinnamon and Lemon Twist.

The only thing is that I wish I could find more of your products locally and not all of the same stores (Vitamin Cottage or Sprouts) carry the same products.

Thanks for making such wonderful, healthy and non-toxic products. I definitely tell my family and friends about you :)

Chris, Wow! Thanks for the glowing review!

Emily S
Please bring back!

I have severely sensitive skin and this is the ONLY mask I’ve EVER used that does not cause further rosacea breakouts. I absolutely love this mask and am so grateful I came across it. Dear Redmond ; do you hope to bring this product back soon? I hope so! I’ll take a pack of 20!

Sincerely ,

Emily, We hope to fulfill your dreams very soon and have the mask back in stock. Happy to hear that you love it so much and seeing good results.

Leah Egli

I LOVE my Redmond Clay Facial Mud! Growing up I struggled with acne and I also have very sensitive skin, I would try all different kinds of face creams and masks but nothing would work and they would always irritate my skin. I found the Redmond Clay Facial Mud and fell in love. It is very gentle on my skin but it still hydrates and makes my skin feel so nice. The next morning, after using the facial mud, I can see a visible difference in not only my skin but also my breakouts! I have been using it for years now and it is my absolute favorite!

Leah, thanks for this glowing review :) ...we are happy to be a part of your skincare routine and that you are seeing results.

Facial Clay is so convenient!

I’m down the very last bit of facial Clay in my second tube of Redmond facial Clay and I’m really hopeful it will come back in stock very soon so I can buy several tubes and stock up! I do have loose Clay in a jar but this tube of hydrated Clay is the perfect consistency. As a mother of young children, the time it takes to get a bowl and mix loose Clay into just the right consistency to then paint onto my face is a huge barrier to ever doing clay masks. These tubes of hydrated Clay make it so I’m able to quickly apply a quick facial mask in less than a minute, adding essential oils therapeutically as needed before using my fingers to spread the clay onto my face. Please bring this product back in stock, Redmond team!

Thank you for the wonderful review Jessica! We hear you - it is so nice having a mixed product that is quick and easy. We will be sure to update you as we can with in stock updates!