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We are upgrading! Orders may take up to 7 days to ship. See our FAQs

Real Salt Fine Shaker (10 oz)
Real Salt Fine Shaker (10 oz)
Real Salt Fine Shaker (10 oz)
Real Salt Fine Shaker (10 oz)

Real Salt Fine Shaker (10 oz)

Real Salt is unrefined, ancient sea salt exactly as nature made it. We call it “Nature’s First Sea Salt.” It contains 60+ naturally-occurring trace minerals, and it’s never processed or chemically treated. Our fine sea salt is our most popular grain size and makes a perfect everyday table salt. It’s great for boiling water, seasoning your food, baking, and more. Keep our refillable 10 oz. shaker handy in the kitchen or at the dinner table so you’re always ready to elevate any meal.

  • Small size grains
  • Best everyday seasoning salt
  • Great for baking
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    About The Product

    Get to know Real Salt

    Millions of years before humans began polluting our planet, an ancient ocean covered what is now the Western United States. As the earth shifted and ocean waters retreated beneath the surface, the Real Salt deposit was formed into a massive, underground mountain of crystalized salt protected from erosion by a layer of volcanic ash.
    We bring Real Salt to you exactly as nature created it: nothing added, nothing taken away. Real Salt is preferred by chefs for its delicious, subtle flavor and recommended by experts because of the unrefined minerals.

    Every bite tastes better

    Have you ever wished for a secret ingredient that would make every dish you prepare taste its very best? Compared to typical sea salt, Real Salt has a much smoother flavor profile – a subtle, salty sweetness that naturally enhances the flavor of every bite. Real Salt doesn’t make your food taste like salt, it enhances the flavors you already have.

    Recommended by doctors

    "For decades we were told by our doctors we should fear salt – and maybe, if your doctor still insists on using processed “sea salt” that is nothing but sodium chloride, we should still be afraid."

    - Dr. Ken Berry


    Use Real Salt like typical table salt



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Don Hokanson
    There really is a difference!

    Salt is salt - right? At least that is what I thought when my brother-in-law Steve Mitchell, BBQ enthusiast and blogger, gave me some samples to try in my own cooking. The salt looks beautiful - but does it taste different? I was surprised when I discovered that it does indeed taste different. It has become my go to salt. Steve gave me a bottle of the Ancient Fine Sea Salt and I started using it in everything. I can't really describe the taste difference other than to say that it has a warm, slow spread when placed on the tongue which is not as harsh as regular refined salt. Today I'm putting my review in with my first order which includes more of the Fine, plus Kosher (gotta have Kosher for BBQ rubs), and Course for my salt grinder that I keep near the stove. Is it worth it? Yes, unless you are salting the snow or ice in your driveway, it's worth it! You use salt in almost every recipe except Jello. Using a quality salt is like investing in a quality shoe - it is worth it and your family and guests will appreciate you. Take the plunge!

    Take the plunge... YES! Salt is not just salt and you can totally taste the difference. Thank your brother-in-law for us and welcome to the Real Salt Fam!

    judith Kennison
    The Real and only Salt

    I started using your salt about 25 yrs ago when on a family trip and I found it at a gift store. I never stopped. Then I started using it when I make homemade bread in my bread maker and couldn’t believe the results. It made the flavor enhanced. This salt is the only salt I use and it makes everything taste better. Lifts up and herbs and spices and make them so much more prominent. I recently ran out and had to grab reg iodine table salt and regretted it. Thank you so very much for making this salt available to all of us who believe in it.
    Much love,
    Judy Kennison, Weldon California

    Thank you for sharing your Real Salt journey Judith. There is a reason we use #betterwithrealsalt :). We appreciate your loyalty and support of our products!

    Elle M.
    Best salt ever!

    My son gave my husband a sample of this last year and he liked it so much he asked me to order some. Even I like it, and I am not a huge fan of salt but this is totally different. It enhances the flavor of food and I don't seem to retain water as much as I do with other salt. Excellent product!

    Thank you Elle for your feedback and we appreciate that you can tell a difference! The minerals in our salt do elevate the flavor of your food and your health.

    Best table salt we have found

    Found this at a small restaurant using it in Monticello Utah while on vacation several years ago.
    Liked it so bought a shaker from them.
    Been using it since then.
    Recommend it highly.

    Thank you Tom. We like to say that our salt is the best souvenir you can take home and we love having your stamp of approval on our salt.

    Steven Queen
    Best salt ever.

    I have probably used every sea salt known to man. This is by far the best all around sea salt. What a great flavor! It takes so little to make any dish pop. I cook with it shake it on foods for the great flavor. I have never found it to be gritty. Such a great natural salt. It makes your food more natural and earthy. I take a shaker to work and everyone loves it. Keep up the great work.

    Steven, thank you ! This means alot coming from such a salt connoisseur .