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Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch (26 oz)
Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch (26 oz)
Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch (26 oz)

Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch (26 oz)

Real Salt is salt exactly as nature made it – and the best-selling sea salt in America’s health food stores. Recommended by medical professionals, fitness experts, and world-class chefs for its unique flavor and unrefined mineral content, Real Salt will make everything you eat taste better.

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About The Product

Get to know Real Salt

Millions of years before humans began polluting our planet, an ancient ocean covered what is now the Western United States. As the earth shifted and ocean waters retreated beneath the surface, the Real Salt deposit was formed into a massive, underground mountain of crystalized salt protected from erosion by a layer of volcanic ash.
We bring Real Salt to you exactly as nature created it: nothing added, nothing taken away. Real Salt is preferred by chefs for its delicious, subtle flavor and recommended by experts because of the unrefined minerals.

Every bite tastes better

Have you ever wished for a secret ingredient that would make every dish you prepare taste its very best? Compared to typical sea salt, Real Salt has a much smoother flavor profile – a subtle, salty sweetness that naturally enhances the flavor of every bite. Real Salt doesn’t make your food taste like salt, it enhances the flavors you already have.

Recommended by doctors

"For decades we were told by our doctors we should fear salt – and maybe, if your doctor still insists on using processed “sea salt” that is nothing but sodium chloride, we should still be afraid."

- Dr. Ken Berry


Use Real Salt like typical table salt



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jeff Blackburn
Best salt you can get!

I have been using Real Salt for several years now and absolutely love it. Salt is not a bad thing, we need it not only for tasty food but for health in general. I highly recommend reading this book: "The Salt Fix: Why the Experts Got It All Wrong--and How Eating More Might Save Your Life". I have started putting a quarter teaspoon of this salt in a small glass of water and drinking it when I first get up in the morning. Not only do I just feel a tad bit better, I have started sleeping better at night! Great stuff folks!

Thanks for the great review, Jeff! We love hearing about your experience with our Real Salt!

Jewell Cartales
The best for Health

This salt is absolutely the best salt there is. My doctor years ago told me this was the best salt because you can use as much of it as you like and you don't have to worry about it raising blood pressure or being bad for you healthwise. I was having problems with fluid in my ear and this is the salt he recommended. I can use as much of it as I like, and I absolutely love it! The person who left a review saying it ruined his food because there was grit in the food, had no clue what they were talking about. Sometimes some of the natural minerals will settle to the bottom of the dish but that is no big deal. It is definitely worth it. The longer you cook something with it the less likely that is to happen because the heat melts the salt in the food throughout. Also the fine salt versus the kosher salt is less likely to do that. That person has cheated themselves by taking such an ignorant, harsh attitude in never using it again. I do respect other people's opinions but he did not leave just an opinion, he was judgmental, and harsh about something he obviously knows very little about. I highly recommend this salt for anyone, especially those with health issues that require low sodium. That is my opinion, not a diagnosis, just an opinion based on my individual doctor's recommendation, and my 20 years experience with this salt. I take it with me when I travel. I won't use anything else. Thank you Redmond for this all natural real salt!

We love your passion and thanks for being our super fan.

Brad Geremia
Gritty sandy super expensive crap

I’ve ruined two meals using this salt. My guests complaining of grit in their food. Thank you for ruining two meals during a time when FOOD IS SO EXPENSIVE. Just great. Maybe I’ll go down to the beach and dig up some salty sand and sell it for $4.00 a bag. Meh, who cares. Redmond doesn’t

Thanks for the feedback, Brad! Most of us grew up with processed table salt in the kitchen, but nature doesn’t make pure white salt. Unrefined sea salt like ours is mostly sodium chloride – along with more than 60 naturally-occurring trace minerals that give it more color and help Real Salt bring the most flavor out of your food. One of these trace minerals is silica, which is not always water soluble. People take silica supplements to support healthy skin, hair, and fingernails, with recent research pointing to benefits for memory, nerve cell health, and pancreatic insulin release. I hope that helps you understand the texture you noticed. We think it’s part of what makes Real Salt great, but know it might not be for everyone!

The only salt I'll use

I've been using RealSalt for some time now but it's when I ran out and had to use regular (Kosher) salt for my sourdough. My! Never again. I used the sane amount but somehow it made it taste terrible. I realized Real Salt spoiled me forever, their salt tastes mild and tasty, not like cheap sodium made in a lab. Thank you Redmond Life!

Victoria, thanks for your review! We are sure that your sourdough is nothing short of amazing. Thanks for being our customer!

Honestly Speechless

At first I was skeptical and didn’t think salt could taste that much different but I was so so wrong. It makes all the difference in the world. It will elevate your cooking and baking 10 fold. So excited!!!

Grier, Real Salt truly is one-of-a-kind. We are so happy you found us.