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Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch (16 oz)
Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch (16 oz)
Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch (16 oz)

Real Salt Fine Refill Pouch (16 oz)

Real Salt is salt exactly as nature made it – and the best-selling sea salt in America’s health food stores. Recommended by medical professionals, fitness experts, and world-class chefs for its unique flavor and unrefined mineral content, Real Salt will make everything you eat taste better.
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About The Product

Get to know Real Salt

Millions of years before humans began polluting our planet, an ancient ocean covered what is now the Western United States. As the earth shifted and ocean waters retreated beneath the surface, the Real Salt deposit was formed into a massive, underground mountain of crystalized salt protected from erosion by a layer of volcanic ash.
We bring Real Salt to you exactly as nature created it: nothing added, nothing taken away. Real Salt is preferred by chefs for its delicious, subtle flavor and recommended by experts because of the unrefined minerals.

Every bite tastes better

Have you ever wished for a secret ingredient that would make every dish you prepare taste its very best? Compared to typical sea salt, Real Salt has a much smoother flavor profile – a subtle, salty sweetness that naturally enhances the flavor of every bite. Real Salt doesn’t make your food taste like salt, it enhances the flavors you already have.

Recommended by doctors

"For decades we were told by our doctors we should fear salt – and maybe, if your doctor still insists on using processed “sea salt” that is nothing but sodium chloride, we should still be afraid."

- Dr. Ken Berry


Use Real Salt like typical table salt



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
baruch rachamim
Worth its weight in gold

Exceptional product. Gives new meaning to the expression "worth your salt". Real Salt imparts richness and depth and makes everything so much more flavorful! It's mellowness and warmth makes it difficult to over-salt. Initially balked at the price, but after having tried it, consider it a very good value. Highly recommended.

Thank you for the great review! We agree - you can't over-salt with Real Salt!

Lynne Calender
Spice of life!

I've tried several unrefined sea salts from the grocery stores, and Real Salt always comes out on top in comparison. The flavor is mild, not metallic or bitter, almost slightly sweet. I love it so much I keep a small shaker in my purse for restaurants. Thank you, Redmond!

You know it's the best when you have to carry it around with you! Thanks for the wonderful review and support of our company/product. We appreciate you!

James Wood
Real salt

real salt is real salt it gives exalent flavor
to any thing you cook up. I have been using real salt for about a year now It is not proses like find at the store.I am glad i found it.

James Wood

We are so glad you found our salt as well. We love all of our supporters. Thank you for the wonderful and honest review!