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Redmond Sample Pack

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  • Real Salt pocket shaker
  • Redmond Bath Salt single-use sample
  • Earthpaste samples (Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lemon – two of each flavor!)
  • Intro booklet (Guide to Understanding Salt)
  • A coupon good for 15% off your next online purchase
  • Shipping included.

If you’ve heard people raving about Redmond products, find out for yourself what they’re talking about!

  • Real Salt pocket shaker
  • Redmond Bath Salt single-use sample
  • Earthpaste samples (Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lemon – two of each flavor!)
  • Information booklet (Guide to Understanding Salt)
  • A coupon good for 15% off your next online purchase

The $4.99 price even includes shipping — as long as you don’t add any other products to your cart.

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Weight 2.7 lbs

11 reviews for Redmond Sample Pack

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    A bargain on samples of wonderful products, with free shipping. We have liked each sample we’ve tried.

  2. :

    This pack was great, I saw several of these items at our local organic supermarket but didn’t once again purchase something that wasn’t right for my family. But after getting the sample pack we fell in love with the products and felt confident to puchase many of the the products along with some other. I love love love Redmond. Will be a consumer for life.

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    I loved mine. very nice size of items so very great value for the money.
    this is a great gift ideal too, and great to recommend to others since NO SHIPPING!!! I wasn’t crazy about the earth paste samples however. they left a bit of a funky flavor on my toothbrush tried hydrogen peroxide to clean but still ended up replacing the toothbrush anyway. but still an awesome value and great way to check out many products at once.

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    Would recommend all of the Redmond products I have used so far. Feel very confident that it is an honest company that makes available to an enlightened consumer a line of safe, preventive and quality products.

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    Good price for the little packets you get sent. I liked all the ones I’ve tried so far, probably going to buy some earthpaste soon.

  6. :

    I can’t review the product I wanted because I never received it. I got the sample pack within a couple of days of placing the order, but the only product I really wanted to try, the clay, was missing from the pack. I emailed Redmond and asked them to send the clay. I then quickly got a return email saying it would be done, then nothing. So, no opinion of the clay = zero stars. Customer service gets two stars – one for the quick shipping of the incomplete sampler, and one for quick the email response to my original complaint.

  7. :

    Even though everything I had read and seen about Earthpaste made me sure that it would be worth it (including the comments from a friend of mine who had been using it for a few years, which was how I found out about it), I have to admit, I was a little worried about the “clean as the dentist” feel that many people have reported when using Earthpaste — maybe it was just something with my dentist, but my teeth always felt gritty and dirty after a dental cleaning (perhaps the “so squeaky clean that they feel dirty” feeling), and I was not looking forward to that feeling being replicated every night. Was I ever in for a big surprise!

    When I received my sample pack on Tuesday of this week (very fast shipping, Redmond — I applaud you), I couldn’t wait to brush my teeth that night (the first time I can say I was truly impatient to brush my teeth). When bedtime finally rolled around, I tried one of the peppermint packets, and I couldn’t believe the difference. I knew it wasn’t supposed to foam at all — which was actually one of the reasons I decided to get Earthpaste in the first place – even the natural brand I was using had a little bit of foaming agent in it, although no fluoride — but was so pleasantly surprised that it didn’t feel thin in my mouth, yet it wasn’t because it was foaming: as someone who has gagged on foam for years, it was (literally) sweet relief for me when the Earthpaste didn’t foam.

    The other thing I was worried about initially was that the only way to date that I knew my teeth were clean after brushing was if they were really smooth. As I learned later, that smooth feeling was the result of the glycerin, and that realization surprised me. But, after just a single night of using Earthpaste, I felt the difference immediately: smooth as clean, not smooth as grease. My teeth weren’t quite as clean smooth at first because the glycerin hadn’t completely worn off yet from the previous night, but four days later I can’t even tell I had ever used one with glycerin — that’s how quickly Earthpaste cleans the glycerin off.

    The reason I ordered the sample pack was to avoid the shipping charge (which I highly recommend) as well as simply figure out which flavors I liked (as there is not yet to date a sample pack that has all 5 kinds in sample size packets) — I knew that no matter how it left my teeth feeling, I was going to be immediately sold on the fact that there is no foam. I also wanted to try the salt (which is amazing, by the way — I like it so much that I eat it plain, right out of the shaker, in small amounts), and the sample pack was the way to go for those two things.

    In conclusion, I have to say I am completely sold on Earthpaste, and intend to never go back to anything with fluoride, glycerin, or foaming agents, because I like having my toothpaste be natural enough that I can eat it! I’ll have to suggest Earthpaste to my sister — I think she’d really like the lemon. Soon (hopefully) I’ll be ordering the tubes of Earthpaste to last me a long time. I’ll never go back. Thank you for such an amazing product!

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    I loved my sample pack. Just wish I could get more of the mini shakers. I am never going back to ‘regular’ salt.

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    I got this sampler to try out the toothpaste flavors on my family. Unfortunately, my order was incomplete and we didn’t get to try all the flavors. I’m giving two starts because the things I did receive were great.

  10. :

    I just LOVE this company and the products!

  11. 5 out of 5


    Great sample pack. The tiny salt shaker is handy to throw in my purse, I was especially glad to get the Earthpaste samples. I would have assumed I would like Cinnamon and Peppermint and would not have even tried lemon if I had to buy a whole tube, but I liked lemon way better that the others. I wish they had included the spearmint and wintergreen to try instead of doubles of the three I got. I really like the earthpaste and how it makes my teeth feel. You only need a tiny amount to brush your teeth. I ordered more.

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