Real Salt Shaker (10 oz.)


Granulated Real Salt, perfect for everyday use.

• Unrefined sea salt
• Beneficial trace minerals
• Amazing taste
• Mined in America from an ancient sea

Real Salt is real, authentic salt. Unrefined, full of flavor and naturally-occurring minerals, Real Salt is salt exactly as nature made it.

Amazing Taste
Unrefined Mineral Salt
Mined in America
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Unlike Any Salt on Earth

Long before the earth knew anthropogenic pollution, volcanic eruptions sealed an ancient, pristine ocean beneath a layer of protective ash in what is now North America. Real Salt is the only brand of sea salt harvested from this ancient deposit near Redmond, Utah. We bring it to you exactly as nature created it – an unrefined, ancient sea salt with a subtle, sweet flavor unlike any other salt on earth.

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"We had no idea that salt could taste so GOOD!" -Larisa

"Thanks for a 100% pure product!" -Nicole

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6 reviews for Real Salt Shaker (10 oz.)

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    This salt is perfect! We love it. We received a couple of the smaller (2 oz) sized Real Salt as a gift and liked it so much that we ordered the 10 oz size for our use and two more to give to our friends. We like it because when we use it, we don’t seem to retain fluid – we use it on everything but we especially like it on fresh sliced tomatoes. Thank you, Redmond family!

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    We had no idea that salt could taste so GOOD! What a luxury. Thank you.

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    This salt is unique. The flavor is fuller, without the bitterness that iodized or even regular sea salt has. It’s been ground very nicely into a nice fine grind. We find we use less, since the flavor is so full. We are looking forward to the potential benefits with the additional mineral content.

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    Very nice.

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    Love this salt and the taste is great!

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    I have my mother and grandfather hooked on this great salt too!!

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