Real Salt Refill Pouch (26 oz.)

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All natural granulated Real Salt in a 26 oz refill pouch.

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The same cost and size as our new earth-friendly pouch, this best-selling screw-top pouch makes it simple to refill your shakers.

Why offer two pouches?
Our earth-friendly pouch makes recycling a breeze, and the screw-top lid on this pouch makes refilling shakers a breeze. Both contain 26 ounces of Real Salt fine salt, perfect for replacing that bitter table salt!

Net Weight: 26 ounces

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27 reviews for Real Salt Refill Pouch (26 oz.)

  1. 5 out of 5


    I really like this salt. I use less than table salt and get the same result. I use this for all my cooking, baking!!

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    I absolutely love Real Salt! I recently went on an all natural diet because of being sick for several years(doctors couldn’t figure it out). When I switched to all natural organic I quickly became better and still to this day a year later I am still going strong. I found this salt at my local natural store called Green Market they informed me that this is the BEST SALT on the market and I whole heartedly agree!! It tastes amazing even their season salts and kosher salt. I cant live with out it now.

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    I bought a small jar at the local health food store for trial. Absolutely love the salt, to me it tastes so much better than the usual table salt. Ordered the larger packet to keep my jar at home full and also ordered the small vial to take with me when eating out so that I can always have it available.

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    Having done a lot of research on health and natural healing after 2 cancers (gone now) I learned that most all so called food we buy, also the organic kind, lack many essential nutrients. This salt is from an ancient seabed containing over 80 of these nutrients, unencumbered by pollution. As and “supplement” to my mostly organic diet I now use this salt exclusively. I use at least 2 teaspoons daily. It’s not only the best health additive to my diet but it tastes great.

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    I bought my first Real Salt in March of 2008 on a trip to Utah and bought several bottles home for friends and family as souvenirs. I have been using it ever since. It has a milder flavor than regular table salt – a touch of sweet and never bitter. My son became a “Real” convert and doesn’t use anything else.

  6. :

    The best salt ever. Redmond delivered a quality product and I didn’t have to wait for it forever Thanks for this product.

  7. :

    best salt i have found!!

  8. :

    I’ve used this salt for several years after it was recommended by a doctor and also doing a little research on my own. My only complaint is that the costs have really increased over the last couple of years. I was getting the 26 ounce pouch at Target for about $5.50. They no longer carry it and to order from the company it is over $9.

  9. :

    I really love this salt. It takes less of it to get good taste in my scrambled eggs. Some times I just dump a little in the palm of my hand and lick it. Great stuff.

  10. :

    Great product and great company. Have bought and given to many family members who then buy it.

  11. :

    Been using this salt for many years and love it

  12. :

    This is the best tasting salt I’ve ever used. The first time I tasted Real Salt, I could hardly believe that salt could taste so good. It has a natural, slightly sweet flavor and is so much healthier than the processed salts on the market. I have tried Celtic salt, but the flavor doesn’t even compare to Real Salt. I would highly recommend anyone to try Real Salt because I’m sure you’ll love it as much as me.

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    I really enjoy this high quality salt! Interestingly, I first stumbled across this product while on travels when lodging for room/accommodations via Airbnb for several day’s. After discovering this salt, I managed to find it at the local grocery that sold it in order to have my own. This pouch lasted me two years. Given that I didn’t find it available in nearby store, I was so grateful to find the company website on the package to order online. Thank you so much! :-{)

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    We have been using your product for a number of years since I first tasted it at a restaurant in southern Utah while on vacation. And I have shared it with family members. A great product.

  15. :

    Really excellent salt, both the above as well as the coarse which does the best compared with others in my grinder. I made an error on my first order and customer service was fantastic. Especially like the idea of not being so refined as so many products these days.

  16. :

    only salt I use!

  17. :

    I’ve been using RealSalt since a trip to Utah about 20 years ago. Love it, have gifted it to friends who love it.

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    My wife and I have use and bought Real Salt from REDMOND Trading for about 30 Years. We would not use any other salt product but Real Salt. Has been a staple in our home ever sense we went with natural unprocessed foods. Really great tasting unprocessed salt. Thanks!

  19. :

    Have used this salt for over 20 years. Love it.

  20. :

    I bought my first bottle of Real Salt in the Salt Lake city airport when returning from a business trip around 15 years ago. I flew through there several times and would restock my supply. When I stopped going that way I found your website and have been ordering it every since. I use 1/3 less than regular table salt and get much better flavor. Can’t stand table salt at all. You gifted me with a mini jar and the llittle purse sizes so I always have it with me when I eat out. The additional minerals are a great bonus. My cholesterol has dropped to normal range for years. And your customer service reps have gone out of their way when I wanted the original flip tops when you changed to the twist tops and actually found one that they sent to me. Fantastic company and great employees. A pleasure to do business with you! You deserve 10 stars. ????

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    Wow! We had no idea that salt could taste so good! You have won a family of converts.

  22. :

    The best salt we have ever used.

  23. :

    Use the salt instead of regular table salt and for cooking

  24. :

    I love the Redmond Trading Real Salt. I would never purchase a different brand. I never knew what salt tasted like until I used Richmond Trading Real Salt. Who would ever think salt even had a flavor other than saltiness. You have one customer that will only purchase the real thing, which is Richmond Trading Real Salt.

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    I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I read a book that mentioned your salt. I like the taste better than table salt. My blood pressure is no longer a problem.

  26. :

    Love it

  27. 5 out of 5


    We love this salt. We use it for everything in place of the salt I used to buy at my local grocery store. It tastes so much better.

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