Real Salt Kosher Salt Refill Pouch (16 oz.)


Our coarser, chunkier, flavor-enhancing Kosher salt.

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Taste the goodness and award-winning flavor of our RealSalt Kosher.    This Real Salt Kosher  is great for meat rubs, baked potatoes, soups and other food preparations.

Recently the term “Kosher” has become confusing in the salt market because there are two meanings of “Kosher Salt”.  While all RealSalt products are “Kosher Certified” by the Orthodox Union, and therefore approved for the Jewish community, “Kosher Salt” has a slightly larger granulation size.  Now when a recipe calls for Kosher Salt you can reach for your Real Salt Kosher shaker and enjoy the award-winning flavor!

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    My daughter is in culinary classes at the local community college and loves this kosher salt for her baking and cooking. She is a master with breads.

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    I was already looking at either Himalayan or celtic sea salt for health benefits.
    and was shocked to read what this company has done to offer a better product at such a reasonable price.
    and the way the facts were explained comparing all salts.
    i would rather buy USA product anyway and not polluted items offered by other salts.
    I have and will continue to give a 5 star rating for your products.
    thank you Redmond.

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    I have been using this product for over two years. A gentle sprinkling of kosher salt enriches the flavor of dishes which call for this type of salt in their preparation.

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    I have used this product for over two years. It enriches the flavor of dishes which call for this type of salt in their preparation.

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    I’ve been using this Kosher salt for a number of years now. I love it for seasoning meats. Great stuff!

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