Real Salt Bulk (25 lb)


All natural granulated Real Salt in larger quantities.

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The same great granular salt you love in our pouches and shakers, now available in bulk. Perfect for food storage.


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4 reviews for Real Salt Bulk (25 lb)

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    AS always, a great product. You can’t go wrong on this one!

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    We love our Realsalt! We appreciate being able to buy it in bulk size. My husband and I like the flavor and also the fact that it’s not been re-crystallized (like Morton salt) and has all the natural minerals with it. (Re-crystallization causes the salt to have sharp edges and causes tiny cuts to be made in the capillaries allowing plaque build up. Redmond salt is still in its natural state and does not do this because it’s a round crystal and not a sharp one.)

    Redmond Realsalt has been a great addition to our family meals and we can feel good about our overall health by using it.

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    Honestly, ever since I tasted this salt, I have never been without it! I even carry it in my purse,so when we go out to eat,we can enjoy this healthy, tasty REAL SALT, instead of the regular, bland salt that is usually on the tables. To our family, it’s part of our Life. We have been enjoying this Salt for probably well over 20 years. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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    I love this salt, I can barely stand to use salt of any other source now( the kind I used to use but now it tastes nasty to me) and I find I do not overly salt anything anymore.Real salt satisfies our taste buds in a different way than the usual table salt, I cant exactly explain it but it just takes less of this salt and I love salt always have! I feel better knowing that we are getting necessary minerals as well this stuff is just great.

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