Sea Salt Bucket

Real Salt Bulk (10 lb)


All natural granulated Real Salt in larger quantities.

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The same great granular salt you love in our pouches and shakers, now available in bulk. Perfect for food storage.

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    This usually lasts us for several years. It’s more economical to buy in the 10 lb. bucket.

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    This is the only salt we use. Happy to be able to buy in bulk!

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    I have used Redmond salt for several years and I dearly love it. I have had absolutely no swelling ever since I started using redmond salt a good 10 years ago. Very proud to say that having giving away this salt to friends and family I have got almost all of them using it as well.Needless to say you can have everything I have except family but leave my salt alone.

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    I have used Real Salt for 4 years now and have been pleased to be able to buy on line. Your company is very efficient and saves me money as well as saves me time and
    your site is very easy to navigate. I bake a lot and buying in bulk is all of the above.

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    Best Flavor. We love this salt. I am so glad we can buy this online.

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    Glad I found a place to order rather than hunt for the product in a store. I also use it in my bath.

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    I’ve been using Real Salt for over 10yrs now. I started buying the 10lb tub about 5 yrs ago since it is cheaper and it is so nice to be able to buy online. This is by far the best salt I’ve ever used.

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    I have been using Real Salt for several years and don’t buy anything else. I have bought two tubs now and keep one for storage.

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    I love your salt.

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    I have used Real Salt for probably 4 years after seeing it recommended in a livestock magazine. It is great and all that I use. We like the flavor much better than the bleached salt and are pleased with the natural minerals it contains, also. Buying it in the bucket saves us money and there is always a use for the pail when it is empty. We are cattle ranchers, handle the cows horseback, and there is always need for an extra pail, too.

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    I have been using this salt for years. Love it. God made it so it is good, Redman simply digs it out of the ground and packages it up. Perfect!
    Processed salt, like morton is horrible for your body.

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    The Redmond salt is fantastic… Thank you for also supporting our Airmen deployed around the world. Redmond Trading Company truly supports our Armed Forces. THEY LOVE THOSE LITTLE SALT SHAKERS! Somethings food in a war zone is not that good, your salt makes everything tasty… even rocks! 🙂

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    Second 10 Lb bucket I have puchased in several years though some of the first is still left. A great natural salt from an excelent source / company. I have been purchasing Redmond Real salt products for well over a decade now.

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